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Caste system, and varNa system are good things. They are not divisive.

Why would an advaitin or anybody abolish something good.

What kind of a screwed up fool would want to abolish the caste system?

It is not uncommon to see most modern Indians still hang on to such ^%$^$#-up 

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I understand that caste system was an integral part of Indian society, but isn't 
it strange that advaitins did nothing to abolish it? I can understand dvaitins 
and the rest maintaining caste system - they believe in distinctions, not only 
between souls and God but also between the souls themselves. But advaita 
preaches a lofty ideal, namely oneness. 

How could such people preach the divisive (not to mention racist) caste system 
on the one hand and the noble idea of nondualism on the other? It is so 
contradictory and baffling.

I hope someone can shed some light on this. I also hope no one takes my post the 
wrong way. At least to me, advaita and caste system are like light and night - 
they seem to have nothing in common. So it seems to me that the advaitins, from 
Sankara to Vivekananda to the latest guru, all had a good chance to reform Hindu 
society - and failed to do so.


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