[Advaita-l] Adwaita and God

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Fri Oct 29 02:57:30 CDT 2010

Pranams!Praveen Bhatji!
Infact,all other systems of philosophy except Charvaka,believe in the
Vedas.Sankhya system also believes in Narayana.You can see in the Sankhya
sutras of Kapila and Sankhya karikas of Ishwara Krishna,obeisance is payed
to Purusha or Narayana.The Yoga system pays obeisance to Shiva,Nyaya
system pays obeisance to Shiva or Ishwara,Vedanta to Narayana,Vaisheshika
to Ishwara in the form of an Owl,that is why it is called Aulukya
darshana,Vedanta allows sagunabrahmopasana,though at a lower
stage.Buddhism and Jainism places the perfect man as the ideal and strive
to achieve that end.Buddhism has its own peculiar Bodhisatvas,Jainism has
Sramanas,in that they have in common with "sthithaprajna"of the
Bhagawadgita.I see an echo of sthithaprajna in Buddhism and Jainism.Though
they deny God and the Vedas,their peculiarity with Buddhahood and Jinahood
seem striking.Though Shankara crlticised Vaisheshika system as
Ardhavainashika,he reverentially calls Kanada its founder as
"srimathKanabhujasya mate" in his Brahmasutrabhashya.Navya nyaya of
Gangesha has much modified and refined Gauthama's Nyayasystem.Mimamsa
though basically holds Karma as the deciding factor,it acknowledges God or
Ishwara as the giver of merits and demerits.There are passages in Vedas
which are dependent on Karma as the deciding factor,while in some passages
the vedas say God is the agent in the giving of merits and
demerits.Shankara also followed "Bhatta Nyaya"which belongs to the
Kumarila system of Mimamsa darshana.

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