[Advaita-l] pUrvajas' karma / pApa & our burden

Satish Arigela satisharigela at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 2 02:12:34 CDT 2010

>This is what exactly the case what I was talking in 'Ashlesha bali'...had 
>'pApa' karta jeeva suffered the phala by itself, another jeeva in his 
>dynasty would have not suffered at all...So strictly speaking, there is no 
>question of 'fresh' & chronic suffering by another jeeva in the generation 
>due to pApa kArya that has been committed by his ancestors some 3-4 
>generations back!!  This is just like the verdict 'hang the grandson for 
>the murder committed by his grand father some 100 years back' :-)) 

Not trying to say anybody is wrong or right here..and sorry if the following is 
not to scholarly tastes:

Let us say for example: I sit under an jack-fruit tree(supposedly planted by my 
great grand father) and a jack fruit falls on my head :-)  That has got to be 
painful... it is certainly not to my liking. Since people could seriously get 
hurt from jack fruits falling down... I say it is illogical.. A jack fruit  
should ideally suspend in air when its link to the tree is severed...so  that 
way people don't get hurt(There seems to be an underlying assumption here that 
there is some natural law which says people-humans should not get hurt from 
natural phenomenon when someone says this).

I have two choices : 

1) I do not like what happens naturally and call  it illogical.. How is it 
logical?.. people getting hurt by ripe jack fruits(supposedly planted by fore 
fathers)  for no fault of theirs!!

One can complain and call it illogical but it does not change anything.

2) Observe and accept that it is just natural(instead of calling illogical) and 
learn not to sit under a tree where there are lots of ripe jack fruits hanging.


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