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Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Sun Sep 12 23:51:34 CDT 2010

M. Ramakrishnan

Born and brought up as a Brahmin immersed in advaita thoughts, would like to 
have a Satsang through this forum-Rama ram ram


I am a devotee of Ambaa, born to a family of dvaithins, follower of Sri 
Aurobindo, deeply interested in Vedas and Vedic heritage, and aspiring student 
of Vedanta. In spite of all these, I would like to be part of this group to 
learn about Advaitha to help me in my path.


I have read a lot of Ken Wilber books. 
I have been investigating nonduality.

I'm interested in the differences between:
   * Hindu nonduality
   * Buddhist nonduality

John Lee

My interest in Advaita-Vedanta is that as a monk in the late 1960 to mid 1970 
I followed this as my experience with it found it to be true as stated.  I 
used the neti-neti meditation on a day by day basis. I have been using this 
meditation for 36 years and have seen Brahman ( the absolute ) two times. Once 
on the inside and once on the outside. This help me know that my meditation 
was not a waste of time.  I have in deep meditation meet the divine mother 
Kali and an nameless yogi who stayed with me for along time, helping overcome 
desires of all kinds along with attractions for the world at large.  My 
visions have been many thru out my life in this world, which I still find hard 
to believe.  May this writing be of some help

john lee

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

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