[Advaita-l] Help required regarding a Book

Stig Lundgren slu at bredband.net
Mon Sep 13 13:14:05 CDT 2010

Dear Sri Subbuji,

The book you are looking for was published by Bhandarkar Oriental Research 
Institute in Poona. A second edition was published in 1962. The title is:

"Siddhantabindu by Madhusudanasarasvati: A commentary on the Dasasloki of 
Sankaracarya." With an original commentary by Vasudevasastri Abhyankar.

I found the above information in the bibliography of Dr Michael Comans 
PhD-thesis "Advaitamoda bu Vasudevasastri Abhyankar: A Study of Advaita and 
Visistadvaita. (Sri Satguru Publications, Dehli 1998).

You can obtain it by visitning the following site:

Warmest regards
Stig Lundgren

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> Namaste.
> I am looking for procuring a book (Sanskrit) authored by Sri Abhayankar
> Vasudeva  Shastri,  a commentary on the 'SiddhAnta bindu' of Sri 
> Madhusudana
> Saraswati.  Information on this book (title not known) regarding
> availability for purchase / download from the Digital Library of India or
> any other source is welcome.
> श्रीमदभयङ्कर-वासुदेव-शास्त्रिभि: प्रणीत-’सिद्धान्तबिन्दु’-टीकाग्रन्थं
> उपलब्धुमिच्छामि । एतद्विषये किमपि विवरणं कृपया ज्ञापयन्त्विति सविनयं
> प्रार्थये ।   अपेक्षितग्रन्थस्य नाम तु न ज्ञातं मया ।
> Om Tat Sat
> subbu
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