[Advaita-l] pUrvajas' karma / pApa & our burden (satyanArAyaNa pUjA)

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Dear Bhaskarji,

Grahas are in fact Janardana. "Graharoopi Janaardana"


Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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Hare Krishna

We should do Satyanarayana Puja on Paurnami or Sankranti day  Ekadashi
is fasting day. A Udyapana is after 4 years.  Better than food the
Prasada is very delicious.

>  as said earlier, there is no need to see any tithi, vAra, nakshatra, 
yOga, karaNa etc. to performa satyanaarayaNa pooja (but normally we wont 
do it during 'pitru paksha')On ekAdashi day, kartru should observe fasting 
from morning (some would take little 'phalAhAra' & 'ksheera' :-)) to do 
the pooja in evening & next day dvAdashi they do the prAtaH kAla pooja and 
mahAnaivedya..Yes, prasAda sapAda bhakshya is very delicious and for me 
other food too...I dont know about others, I am talking about food 
prepared for naivedyaM at our home :-))

Avahana of Satyanarayana is in Kalasha only.Purusha Sukta is main mantra. 

>  No, actually for satyanArAyana prANa pratishTApana, in our tradition, 
we use beejAkshara pUrvaka anga nyAsa, karanyAsa with dhyAna shlOka 
'raktAmbodhi'...and veda mAntra 'AtvA vahantu haraya' etc. and show 
various mudra-s while reciting avAhitobhava, sthApito bhava, sanniruddho 
bhava, avakunTitObhava, varadObhava, shAntObhava etc...And after prANa 
pratishtApana, dhyAna AvahanAdi shOdashOpachAra pooja, we recite purusha 
sUkta maNtra-s & purANokta stOtra-s.  Anyway, I am not sure about other 

Even Shodasopachara can be done with Purusha Sukta mantras.
They only keep a photo of Satyanarayana. Why do you do Navagraha Puja

>  Before we do satyanArAyaNa pooja, we do dhyAna AvahanAdi pooja to 
AdityAdi navagraha, durgAdi sAdguNya devata, ishta devata, kula devata 
etc.  Because it is believed that these devata-s are parivAra devata-s to 
main & supreme god sri satyanArAyaNa. So before inviting supreme godhead, 
we have to offer pooja to his subordinates, gate keepers (dvArapAlaka-s) 
etc...It is just like before inviting prime minister, inviting his staff, 
secretary, pA-s etc. :-))

>  Here in Bangalore, in the satyanArAyaNa vrata kalpa printed books too 
there will be navagraha maNtra-s & pUja maNtra-s...So, atleast in some 
part of South India, this pooja is part & parcel of satyanArAyaNa vrata.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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