[Advaita-l] Some questions on self-realization

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Sat Sep 18 05:55:42 CDT 2010

Is it possible to live in the phenomenal world without retiring to the
The answer to this question is provided in the Bhagawadgita uner the chapter
on "sthitapragna".In that chapter,Sri Krishna answers while describing the
characteristics of a Wise man:
'Ya nisha sarvabhutanam tasmat jagarti samyami!
Tasmat jagrti bhutani sa nisha pashyato muneh"!!
 "(In)That which is sleep for all beings(of the world-l.e ignorance or
avidya of the self-knowledge),the wise man-jnani is awake.(In)That which
is wakefulness of the wordly things,the wise man sees darkness.

If one has that realization one can live any where.Infact Sri.Shankara
Bhagavatpada defines Jivanmukta as having these characteristics.

Incidentally it may be of interest that,the world famous
philosopher,J.Krishnamurthy in his talks would say,"To be aware of
oneself,without choice,to live in the world fully without division,doing
all the works of his daily life(like going to the office or whatever
ones's occupation is)is intelligence.If one has such Intelligence,for him
the Upanishads say:"Naiva tasya krtenarthah".He lives as a "pratibuddha"in
this very life in the world.Sanatkumara is one such example.
Bhava Shankaradesika me saranam.

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