[Advaita-l] Some basic questions on self realisation

Ramesh Nagarajan rameshnj18us at gmail.com
Sun Sep 19 14:58:29 CDT 2010

Dear Sunil,

>>1) The need for a quiet atmosphere for meditation cannot be denied. The
rishis did the meditation in the caves not for nothing.

Need for a quiet atmosphere for meditation depends on the Sadhaka's level.
Initially, it may be required for meditation.  As the seeker finds out the
disturbance is caused by inside and not by outside and with progress one
should be able to meditate irrespective of external environment.  Yes,
rishis did the meditation in the caves. Let us be practical.  If our vasanas
allow us to renounce our external actions (performed by our body) then caves
or forest will be an ideal place.  We
have to work from where we are allowed to operate from, based on Prarabdha.
Else, it would be similar to Arjuna's quest to relinquish war and go to
forest for penance. Krishna adviced to wage war to exhaust his vasanas.
Prarabhda affects the body and to some extent our thoughts. One indication
that we are bound by our thoughts are compulsive actions.  With Sadhana,
chitta suddhi has to take place to be from free thoughts which forces
compulsive actions. All this time we will continue to perform our duties as
per our destiny.  However, we use our free will to bring awareness in what
we do to escape from the vicious circle of
mental impressions (vasanas) - thoughts - action.  This will advance our
sadhana which will enable us to do meditation at any place.

>> 2) Though one can say that real sanyasha should be in spirit, one has to
practice it in real lifre through selfless work. We cannot be egoless just
theoretically. >>The egolessness had to be reflected in the day to day
affairs of the mundane life.

Absolutely Yes, allowing ego to work will create future destiny.  Selfless
work is not necessarily a charitable work, anything we do - playing
different roles - father, son, employee, manager, subordinate etc., we
should do as it as a sacrifice to the Absolute without identification and
association to these roles.

>>3) The formal Sanyasha helps to a great extent. In the sanyashi's attire
one can beg easly and people will also provide the bhiksha to the sanyashi.
Similarly >>there are umpteen advantages of the formal sanyasha. One has
thus to rspect the age-old procedures and understand their merits.

If our vasanas permits, yes, that will be the best thing to do.  A true
Sanyasi doesn't forcefully leave Grahastha karmas. These karmas should leave
him (as the vasanas are absent), then only the person can be a true
sanyasi.  If we force things, then it will be just a change in name and
dress code.  We have to do sadhana while practicing our Swadharma.  We
cannot escape from our vasanas.

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