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srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Mon Sep 20 20:39:38 CDT 2010

In her reply on the above topic Vijayaji says,"In this kaliage we are
enmoured by the things of the world........."
As such the things of the world donot directloy affect us.It is the
relationships that affect us directly.Because of this we are in
sorrow.Only,man seems to be concious of his existence.He separates himself
with the rest of the world without realising that he is also part of the
vast cosmos.He feels himself important and becomes selfish.All the rude
behaviour,intemperate talk are the result of this feeling.He must first
start to realise his position that all are in the same boat.All have
sorrows,all have families to look after feel responsible to all including
animals,and that nothing forever endures.Truly,this is the high state of
intelligence. What Shankara Bhagawatpada says in his "Baja Govindam" is
true."Samyagjnana"dissolves one's little ego or the small self.Then one
moves on to the Super mind as Aurobindo says.


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