[Advaita-l] The Jnani's feeling of physical pain

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praNAms Sri praNipat chaitanya prabhuji
Hare Krishna

The body breathes, sees, touches, etc., and the normal functions of the 
prakrti are said to be superimposed on the Self the Atman which is not 

>  Yes prabhuji, you have made an apt point..prakruti is superimposed on 
nirvikAri, nirvishesha Atman and jnAni (for the discussions sake we have 
to address the jnAni as third party)is nothing but this Atman (brahmavit 
brahmaiva bhavati)..If somebody argues that NO..NO...this superimposition 
is not there on parabrahman but since we are 'seeing' the 'body' of the 
brahma jnAni, we are saying that jnAni has the body...Then onus is on them 
to 'show' a separate 'parabrahman' which is NOT superimposed by prakruti 
or otherwise they have to accept that this parabrahman, which is NOT 
adhyArOpita by prakruti, is mere theoritical reality in the books..Since 
both these position are illogical and goes against siddhAnta, they have to 
accept the shankara's declaration that vidvAn sa ihaiva brahma yadyapi 
dehavAniva lakshyate sa brahmaiva san brahmApyEti.

Why should one fix a nose to a jnAni just because the body is breathing, 
cover it with a skin because the body react to touch etc., is the point in 


>  The answer to this question you may hear is :  It is because we are 
'still' seeing the 'body' of the jnAni,its normal function & it is 
practically NOT possible to 'know' the jnAni's existence without 
identifying 'him' with the body!!  But they are forgetting the fact that 
it is 'we' who, due to our ajnAna cannot go beyond BMI thinking that jnAni 
is doing this, doing that, he is breathing, laughing, weeping, begging 
etc..but jnAni's realization is that he is 'always' ashareeri only and 
hence he is never ever a bhOktru or katru..shankara makes this point amply 
clear in geeta bhAshya : lOkavyavahAra sAmAnya darshanena tu laukikaiH 
ArOpita katrutve bhikshAtanAdau karmaNi kartA bhavati, svAnubhavena tu 
shAstra pramANa janitena akartaiva...

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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