[Advaita-l] Jnani's physical pain

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Wed Sep 22 20:19:05 CDT 2010


With reference to the above discussion,there is one thing common with the
ajna(the ignorant) and the jnani.Both are made of flesh and blood.The
ignorant feels the physical pain always for whatever reason.He is the doer
and the enjoyer of the fruits of his actions.He doesnot know he is
enjoying the fruits of right karma and suffering because of wrong karma.He
is not on the path of realisation.But,a jnani knows the truth.He also
suffers,but his suffering is different from the ajnani.It is like two
persons,one who goes to swim in the sea and the other who goes to
bathe.Both of them strike water with their hands,but the swimmer flaps his
hands to swim where as the one who is about to drown flaps his hands to
survive.But,the man on the shore sees them both,but he cannot distinguish
the swimmer from the one doesnot know.Another point is,when the Jnani is
realised,there is a metamorphosis(possibly a physio-neurological
transformation)taking place which the Upanishads,Bhagawadgita and the
Shankara bhashyas
indicate,but do not explicitly state.Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi,Ramakrishna
paramahamsa,when we read their books also under went this transformation.A
jnani when pain is encountered, just like hitting a nail on him,may feel
as if it is hit on the wall before him.He may also suffer just like
Ramakrishna Paramahamsa,when he came out of the samadhi used to weep and
complain to Kali for bringing him back to this world of sorrow.
Pranams.Bhava Shankara desika me Sharanam.

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