[Advaita-l] The Jnani's feeling of physical pain

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Hare Krishna

The Jnani lives life both at the Paramarthika level and the Vyavaharika 
level and his or her  Vyavaharika identity vanishes only when the jnanai 
is out of the panchkoshas. 

>  you mean to say here 'vedeha mukti' is the mukhya mukti & when he is 
there in paNchakOsha, though he is realized that he is ashareeri, is 
kevala gauNa mukti?? Morever, jnAni's drushti is saMyak drushti, he never 
ever deviates from this Urdhva drushti/darshana to sail the boat of avidyA 
vyavahAra.  atyantika abhAva of vyavahAra (i.e. pramAtru, pramANa & 
prameya vyavahAra) is what is called 'mOksha' in advaita.

This is so though he knows the permanent nature only of his or her 
Paramarthika level of existence. 

>  Kindly let me know, whether I have to understand the above statement 
that knowing/realizing the brahman ( in deha/paNchakOsha) & becoming the 
brahman (after shedding the physical sheath) are two separate events!!

It is like a river losing its identity only when it meets the sea but not 
before that. 

>  OTOH, it is like this, river (jeeva) realizing the truth that it 
was/is/will always be sea (brahman) only & there was no time it was 
'apart' from sea !!  There is a specific statement from Shankara with 
regard to this socalled 'merging' in sUtra bhAshya. 

The Ajnani, of course,  lives the Vyavaharika life and may even think the 
Jnani to be doing likewise. 

>  Yes, since jnAni's pramAtrutva/jnAtrutva (doership/knowership) identity 
gone after the dawn of jnAna, he does not do anything...if at all we see 
jnAni's activities, it is ONLY in our (ajnAni) perception..

The Jnani may speak from the Vyavaharika level at one time and at the 
other time he or she may speak from the Paramarthika level. 

>  Are we not doing the same effectively :-))  If it is mere intellectual 
understanding & mere switching compartments from paramArthika to vyavahAra 
then the brahma jnAna is mere additional information/data in our mind 
which we uses it just like in our day to day activity..for example, when I 
am in office, I am an accounts executive & when I am at home I am a father 
of my kids & husband to my wife & my language also changes according to 
the situation & stage of performance :-)) ..do you agree that brahma jnAni 
also like this & changes his language ??

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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