[Advaita-l] Seeking guidance on ‘Sandyaavandanam’ - Question Set 1

Krishnan S krishnan.sankara at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 08:57:45 CDT 2010

I am a Tamil Smarta.

I have some questions regarding the performance of 'Sandyaavandanam' and
‘Gayatri Japam’, done as per Tamil Smarta tradition.

Let me post my first set of questions. I appeal to erudite members for
guidance please.

   1. We chant ‘kamoo.akArShit, manyurakArShit’ immediately after (I repeat
   the word ‘after’) the Gayatri maha mantra japa. It seems to me that this
   sequence may mean that Gayatri Japa is an act of ‘kama or manyu’.  Is
   there a sense in my assumption?
   2. I feel that perhaps this ‘kamoo.akArShit, manyurakArShit’ may be
   chanted along with the ‘praashana’ manta like ‘suuryashca …, ‘agnishca..
   . Here too, is there a sense in my assumption?
   3. Also we chant ‘Sandyayai namaH, Savitiyai namaH, …  ‘ after (I repeat
   ‘after’) the ‘upastaana’ of Devi Gayatri. Should not that to be done before
   4. During the chanting of verses like “yamaya..’ ‘R^ita’ and ‘namaH
   savitre’ , at  the end of each verse, we chant the last two or three
   words of the stotra along with ‘om namaH iti’ like

                          citraguptaaya vai nama  om namaH iti

                          vishvarupaaya vai nama om namaH iti

                           keshavam pratigaChcati om namaH iti

(This we do during Vishna Sahasranma Parayanm too). What is the role/meaning
of the chanting the last 2 or 3 words along with om namaH iti’


S. Krishnan


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