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I am sorry for statement on Adi Sankara but it was misunderstood. I
always said he is greatest authority in Vedanta. There is no doubt
about it. I also said his statement on 6-4-18 has to be taken in
indirect meaning not direct meaning keep respect for Desha and Kala
Dharma. Same for Sruti Vakya. Adi Sankara's Vakya is same as Sruti
Vakya. There is no difference. That is all.

> praNAms Sri Venkatesh prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> Though I am not able to read the contents of above link, it seems you are
> telling us that 'mahAtma' gAndhi was a sex maniac hence he is not an
> authority to teach anything on shishtAcharaNa.  And you have already
> discarded bhagavatpAda due to his non-exposure to
> saMsAra/gruhastAshrama..So, according to this,  even our present day
> Amnaya peetAdhipati-s and rAghaveshAnanda swamiji too are not eligible to
> suggest / comment anything about shAstra vAkya with regard to sex &
> related matters.  So, prabhuji, I am just curious to know who is that
> shreshTa/shishta according to you who can adjudicate this issue without
> any controversy??
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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