[Advaita-l] Advaita Vedanta - A Holistic Approach - A Seminar

V Subrahmanian v.subrahmanian at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 03:03:19 CST 2011


"Advaita Vedanta- a holistic approach" -Dec 26-28, 2011 - Tumkur
university- Seminar.

Attached please find the announcement and registration form for the seminar
at Tumkur univ from 26-28 dec 2011.
Detailed session wise topic/speaker details is getting firmed up and will
send that as soon as it is available.

The details can be had by contacting this email:

vedantaconference at gmail.com

The topics to be covered in the seminar are:

Ø Vedanta Sahitya and Kannada Literature
Ø Vedanta and Mathematics
Ø Vedanta and Human Values
Ø Vedanta and Management
Ø Message of Vedanta to the Modern World
Ø Vedanta and Social Change
Ø Vedanta and Political Science (Raja  Dharma)
Ø Relevance of Vedanta in the Scientific  Age
Ø Vedanta and Personality Development
Ø Vedanta and English Literature
Ø Vedanta and Chemical/Physical Sciences
Ø Vedanta and National Integration
Ø Economics and Vedanta
Ø Vedic Botany, Biology and Medicine
Ø Other Sastric Subjects


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