[Advaita-l] Sanskrit contradicts

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I think the word -as-  used by Swami Gambirananda has confused you.The 
meanings of both are the same.The Almighty is unmanifest /formless but 
ignorant think as if He is endowed with form.
Brahman is considered as formless by Advaitins that is devoid of all 
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> Dear fellow virtual Advaitins,
> I have found two opposing translations of Bhagavad Gita VII,24. I am not a 
> Sanskritist and would appreciate some philological insightsufficient to 
> humble a BhaktiVedanta devotee in the airport.
> “Those who lack discrimination, not knowing my limitless,changeless nature 
> beyond which there is nothing greater, look upon me who isformless as one 
> endowed with a manifest form. “ –Swami Dayananda
> “The unintelligent, unaware of My supreme state which isimmutable and 
> unsurpassable, think of Me as the unmanifest that has becomemanifest. 
> “ –Swami Gambhirananda
> At your collective feet,
> MichaelChandra Shekar Cohen
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