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Agreed. The Vedic rishis could have taken beef, more for recuperation of health after long tapasya, as such references abound in purana, if my memory serves me right.  Charaka extols the role of meat for recuperation. Moreover Manu did not give any injunction not to eat beef. Manu said that it is not sinful to eat meat yet it is better not to eat meat. So there could not have been any inhibition in anybody's mind for eating. The killing procedure was standardised in such a way that the animal did not suffer. The head had to be severed in one stroke with a sharp jack-knife or sword and if that cannot be done in one stroke it was considered very sinful and heavy prayachita was required. Offering meat was forbidden in yajna as Bishma rightly said in the Mahabharata. There is also report of Lord Buddha citing vedic verses to King Bimbisara suggesting to him not to make animal sacrifices in the yajna. However for pitri-karya meat was offered in ancient


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This thread does not have a chance of ending. Even in the face all the
that vadic rishis were meat eaters ( including beef) and did animal
they will go on insisting that it is not so. Sometimes they see there are
conspiracies out to malign their extraordinarily pure(!?) and hygienic
(Every one of these has his own conception what that pure hindu religion
While the popular culprits are western indologists, lately even the hindu
are severely condemned as polluted with western ideas and
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