[Advaita-l] vedic yajna

Kalyan K kalyankc.81 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 22:12:02 CST 2011

>This thread does not have a chance of ending. Even in the face all the
>that vadic rishis were meat eaters ( including beef) and did animal
>they will go on insisting that it is not so.

>Sometimes they see there are
>conspiracies out to malign their extraordinarily pure(!?) and hygienic

This is probably a very unfair characterization of people who disagree
with you. While on the one hand, there may genuinely be people who are
conspiracy theorists, it is grossly incorrect and unfair to paint
everyone who disagrees with you by the same brush. Perhaps, this
portrayal is a result of the assumption that one already knows
everything about the vedas. IMHO, such complacency is uncalled for.

While I am aware of the BU statement about meat eating, based on my
own "very limited" research, I feel that it is worth investigating
those statements in the vedas (not the smriti, but the vedas), that
prima facie seem to suggest that cows should not be killed. Since this
list seems to be heavily biased in favor of those who have already
come to the conclusion that vedic rishis were beef-eaters, I requested
Sri Rajaram-ji to take it up with his learned scholar that he plans to

>While the popular culprits are western indologists, lately even the hindu

>are severely condemned as polluted with western ideas and

I am so sorry to hear the poor plight of all the liberal, progressive,
highly-evolved, modern, scientific, rational(TM) skeptics. You have my



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