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Dear Sri Sarma
To begin with the human breed  should have started life as a hunter and 
gatherer only living in caves.Through evolution the human species should 
have shed crude form of living and entered into agriculture.Among the 
species those who abhorred killing of animals for eating purposes might have 
stressed vegetarianism and having found that as a satvik way of living 
should have propogated that.It is perfectly in order that some vedic 
portions have reference to meat eating as the vedas also hold mirror to the 
life in  those days.
Perhaps you think why defend the meat eating  or  using meat in yagas when 
there is  evidence.
This is because Vedic words and sentences do give different meanings if the 
root is searched and the context  is also right.So those who are pure 
vegetarians amongst us think that vedas might not be advocating meat eating 
etc and do research to find out the exact saying.I think this is not wrong 
and by no means be labelled psuedointellectualism.R.Krishnamoorthy.

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> This thread does not have a chance of ending. Even in the face all the
> evidence
> that vadic rishis were meat eaters ( including beef) and did animal
> sacrifices,
> they will go on insisting that it is not so. Sometimes they see there are
> conspiracies out to malign their extraordinarily pure(!?) and hygienic
> religion.
> (Every one of these has his own conception what that pure hindu religion
> is.)
> While the popular culprits are western indologists, lately even the hindu
> skeptics
> are severely condemned as polluted with western ideas and
> psuedointellectualism.
> --
> regards,
> Sarma.
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