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> I cannot comment what happened in other Yugas is correct or a
> corruption. I think people must concentrate on what we should do now
> in this Yuga instead of debating what was correct and what was corrupt
> in other Yugas. We have to respect Dharma Sastra books like
> Vaidyanatha Dikshitiya and Nirnaya Sindhu. They have a lot of
> importance.

RV: Every astika accepts the importance of dhama sastras and opposes
cruelty to animals for selfish gains such as satisfying the palate. The
intent of enquiry is to find out the truth and not to eat meat in the name
of the Vedas. Of all the opinions from far right ahimsa ideal of Shri
Haridas Sastry that leads to rejection and re-intepretation of some of the
Vedic texts to the far left propaganda that animals are meant fo human
consumption, I think the traditional position which is to the right of
centre is correct. The sastras recommend animal sacrifice inluding cow (and
even war) under specific circumstances for the larger welfare or dharma.
But they prohibit animal slaughter outside the context of yajna. And in
this age, they have special restrictions even in the context of yajna.Now,
do nirmalya sindhu or vaidhyanatha dikshitam give exception to the animal
sacrifice prohibition and cow sacifice prohibition rule? If not, what is
the general rule fo substitution of uksha or rishbha mamsa in the Br. Up.
yajna. Please provide specific references.

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