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I think what you are doing now is correct.Whatever food we eat we first 
offer it to our favourite deity as naivedhyam and offer a small portion of 
the Same to usually crows as pithrus are said to be in the form of 
crows.Regarding the injunctions regarding such things you can find them 
fromSrimad Ramayanam, Sri Mahabharatham and Srimad Bhagavatham.About shooing 
away a cat from its food is not correct.But you can tell the Bengali 
neighbour not to scatter the remnants of their eat and let them consign it 
to the dustbin just before clearance.R.Krishnamoorthy.
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As a Grihini how I could improve on doing Yagna?
Gitacharya says He is Japa Yagna of all the Yagnas. The Pancha Mahayagnas 
which is potent in removing sins, is explained in the shastras.
I perform Bhootha yagna by offering small portion of cooked rice with dal 
ghee and salt after Naivedya , to the birds , calling "haraa".

Today I was too sick to have a bath and cook as I had to pack lunch for my 
husband. After some rest , I took bath and prepared roti. I offered a 
portion of it to the birds.
It is said in Shatashloki too that a person eating alone without sharing is 
eating sin.
Though it is preferred for the crows to cosume the food offered, here 
pigeons , sparrows, Myna sometimes parrots are also spotted .

My questions are:
Can Roti be called as Annam during Naivedya and offered to Bhoothas ?
Is it right to shoo away a cat that searches for food remains like fish from 
my neighbhour Bengalis Kachhada bag kept on the doorway passage for 

May I please request the Respected Group to enlighten me about all the 
Pancha Mahayagnas as said in our scriptures ( Sruti and Smriti )?

Also please give practical suggestions for Grihinis to follow Yagna which is 
called as Vedic Yagna for us.

Thanking in advance,
At His Feet,
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