[Advaita-l] vedic yajna

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 8 14:50:24 CST 2011

> As the one who started this post, I request that the entire thread be
> removed from the forum.
This is mainly an administrative response. I am going to state in as clear
a fashion as possible, why this request is not feasible.
Posts made to Advaita-L are in the public domain, the instant they are sent
to list members. They cannot be removed from the forum. This is not a
blog under the control of one person or even a team. This is a mailing list
where every single member has freedom of expression and moderators
have opted to use minimal tools (and do not wish to develop any advanced
tools) to regulate posts made to the list. 
Only posts identified as spam by software filters and posts that are bigger
than 40 kilobytes in size are held back. Even then, some spam gets through,
and we moderators exercise discretion in approving messages of big size.
Over the last two years or so, we have received requests from a few people
asking us to remove the personal introductions they sent to the list years 
ago, and in every single case, we have explained our inability to accede to
their requests. A post made to the list essentially go through a one-way
valve. It is like the spoken word; once uttered, it cannot be unspoken. We
do not censor, so we cannot remove any post from the list.
So, Rajaram, having started the thread, and having seen the diversity of
opinion among list-members, the best recourse would be this. Please type
up a summary of what you have learnt from the learned and traditionally
trained Sastri on this issue and post it, either to the list or by private email
to those who participated in this discussion thread. I would suggest that
before sending it out, run it by Sri Mani Dravid Sastri , to ensure that what
gets put down in writing accurately represents his thinking.

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