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This word Chinnasamsayah-629-as per Sri Velukudi Krishnan Swamigal -is 
translated as He who rents asunder the doubts - in the minds of 
devotees -llike whether it is possible or not possible to knowHim or whether 
He is difficult to approach or easy to get.So thisway your query can be 
answered satisfactorily.Sri Velukudi follows  Parasara Bhattar`s Bhagavad 
Guna Dharpanam for the meanings of the  thousand names of Sri 
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> Namaste
> In the srIviShNusahasranAma there is the name (623) 'chhinnasamshayaH'.
> The meaning is: The one for whom all doubts have rent asunder.  The
> commentary by Shankaracharya is: For the One to whom everything is 
> directly
> realized there is no doubt of any kind at all.
> The same word appears in the Bhagavadgita 18.10 where the advanced 
> aspirant
> is described as the one whose avidya-born doubt is no longer there and he
> is of the firm conviction that remaining established in the Self is the
> highest means for liberation and no other means can take one to the 
> highest
> state.
> The word 'chhinna' suggests that something has remained before and has 
> been
> destroyed/cut subsequently.  While in the case of the aspirant it is quite
> justified to use the word where there is avidya to occasion doubt there
> comes a state when owing to vidya the doubt/s are destroyed.  However in
> the case of the Lord how is this word justified where there is no prior
> avidya to cause doubt/s and getting destroyed later?
> Regards,
> subrahmanian.v
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