[Advaita-l] Query regarding the birthplace of Bhaskararaya

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Sun Dec 11 22:19:10 CST 2011

Shri Bhaskararaya Makhin was born to the noble couple Shri Gambhiraraya & Smt. Konamamba.  Gambiraya worked as minister to the then Sultan of Bijapur. He was
well-versed in shastras and also in parsi, urdu & arabic.  To his credit was the 
translation of Mahabharata into Parsi language. 
Later these couple shifted their residence from Bijapur to Golconda (in Hyderabad) 
and were deputed as ambassadors to Golconda Nawabs.  It was during their stay 
in Golconda in Hyderabad that Shri Bhaskararaya Makhin was born.  The ancient 
name for Hyderabad is "Bhagyanagaram".  Shri Jagannatha Pandita mentions 
this name of Bhagyanagaram only which is none other than Hyderabad. 
Later Bhasakararaya had his upanayana in Kasi and settled in Mahaboobnagar
for some months to learn shastras.  There was a great somayaji in Lokapally village which
is in Narayanpet Mandal of Mahaboobnagar district of Andhra Pradesh. After having 
studied the shastras here, moved to Surat for undergoing tantrika mahapurnabhisheka
from Shri Sivadatta Shukla Ji. 
During the last stages of his life, he moved to Madhyarjunam (Tiruvidaimarudur) near
Tanjavur and shed his mortal coil in samadhi.  This place is now called Bhaskararajapuram
and a beautiful temple has been constructed here in the loving memory of this great scholar. 
Now, as far as Narayanpet is concerned, the 5th generation of the daughter of Shri Bhaskararaya used to stay there.  It is a very remote place and hardly anybody knows 
the importance of the village Lokapally.  The place where Bhaskararaya lived is now said 
to be Bhaskar Ji mandir which is in a dilapidated condition with a few number of samadhis
(adhishtanams of sanyasis).  The holy padukas are here. But unfortunately, nobdoy knows it.  As usually, the great places go into oblivion with the passage of time and 
colonies with slums all around mushroom around.  This is the fate now.

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