[Advaita-l] 'chhinnasamshayaH'

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Sun Dec 11 22:33:08 CST 2011

Sri Velukudi Krishnan Swamigal is translated as He who rents asunder the doubts 
I think Shri Subbuji's doubt was something else.  The above explanation is also good
but is from V.Advaita's perspective where the Bhagavan's anantha guNAs are
extolled and this is one among them.
However, Subbuji's ambiguity was w.r.t Shankara's commentary ie., in whom all the
doubts were cut asunder. 
This is a very good observation of Subbuji's.  
I would say this name is something similar to that of "mrityunjaya" "urdhwaretaH" etc. 
"samShaya" is Jiva lakShaNa.  When the same Jiva achieves "brahma-aikya sthithi",
he is Ishwara. Since, he becomes brahma-vit, there are no samShayAs just as
Lord Dakshinamurty through His mauna-mudra, cuts asunder the knots of ignorance in
the Jiva thereby Guru & Sishya become One Entity which is advaya-paramAtma tattva.

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