[Advaita-l] vedic yajna

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Sun Dec 11 22:57:26 CST 2011

Namaste Sri Sarma

2011/12/10 D.V.N.Sarma డి.వి.ఎన్.శర్మ <dvnsarma at gmail.com>:
>>What happens to Sruti and Smruti Vakyas appearing to allow beef also
>>Sankara Bhashya 6-4-18? There we have to take the indirect meaning
>>only not the direct meaning respecting Dharma Sastra.
> Were these Dharmasastras written before Sankar's commentary or after
> he has written his commentary? Do not forget that Sankara was born well
> after
> Kali age has started. Madhava's commentary on Parasara Smriti is written
> hundreds of years after Sankara.

Parashara Smruti was there in Adi Sankara's time. This is why I am
saying when Sankara Bhashya is saying a man has to eat Bull meat in
6-4-18 we have to take the meaning properly after looking at Parashara
Smruti, Katyayana Srauta Sutra, Sathapatha Brahmana and other books
also. It is not correct to take the direct meaning of the Upanishad
Vakya or Sankara Vakya. Madhava knew about Adi Sankara and he has
still written commentary on Parashara Smruti. If he is thinking Adi
Sankara is asking us to eat Bull meat why is he writing Beef is
prohibited? We have to consider all this information instead of
jumping to conclusion Bull meat is recommended in 6-4-18.



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