[Advaita-l] Query regarding the birthplace of Bhaskararaya

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> >
> > He is said to have had two wives, one from the mAdhva sect and other a
> >> smArta from a Thanjavur.
> >>
> >
> >  I think you are confusing that story with Appaya Dikshita.
> >
> Well, this is what I remember having gathered from at least 3 sources. In
> fact, even the names were mentioned. One was pArvati, the daughter of a
> mAdhva scholar who was defeated in debate by bhAskararAya, and the other
> was Anandavallii or Anandii from Thanjavur.
> These sources may well be wrong, but it is not a confusion with Appayya
> Dikshita.

Even I have heard of the above story behind Bhaskararaya taking a Madhva
bride.  With regard  to Appayya Dikshita it is said that either his mother
or grandmother was a VishishTAdvaitin and that was one reason why he
developed a special devotion for VishNu/Vaishnava godhood.  I have not
heard about his taking a Madhva bride.  The book 'Sri Appayya Dikshita'
authored by Dr. N.Ramesan, IAS, records the former incident but does not
 say anything about Dikshita's marriage to a madhva bride.


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