[Advaita-l] The Advaita Tradition of Shankara

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Namaskar & Pranaam
very well elucidated!. aparOksha anubhUthi.
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> Namaste, below is the article as requsted by Ramesh on my understanding of the advaita tradition as I have learnt from my teachers, without resorting to quotes (I almost stuck to this request but failed in a few places, sorry Ramesh!). First having to admit defeat in such a task to condense the vast teachings of Shankara's tradition as I understand it into a short note, I was extremely grateful for the helpful advice and input from Prof Ramanatha and Sri Atmachaitanya. I give them the credit for the good points and take the blame for any errors in the below. As I have stated before, whilst I will always defend my views and those of my teachers, my real purpose is not to win or lose the argument, but to aid our atmavichara, as we should not delude ourselves that our internet discussions can ever replace following the right sadhana which should remain our paramount goal. I hope the below gives enough food for thought for genuine seekers to deeply understand the key tenets of Shankara's advaita tradition, that I have tried to describe in 10 key points to the best of my ability:

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