[Advaita-l] Brihad Up and Putrakameshti

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> taṇḍulān māmsa-sam-mishrān paktvā māmsaudanam viduḥ।
> ukṣā sechana-shakto gauḥ sa eva riṣabho
> mahān ॥ [BUBV 6.4.77]

> They have ascertained by meat-rice
> that which one has cooked with rice grains and meat
> Ukṣan is a bull which is capable of
> sprinkling (its seed), and when the same is fully grown is a riṣabha

> He then goes on to clarify:

> Prasiddhy-asambhavāt tvadya hyuktam māmsaudanam prati ।
> Māmsam kriṣṇa-mrigacchāgaviṣayam
> tvadya kurvate ॥ [BUBV 6.4.78]
> This is mentioned here with
> reference to meat-rice, since it is not accepted today
> They now take meat to refer to that
> of a black deer or goat
About 6-4-18 I said on Nov 21 - एवं पूर्वं आचार आसीत् । किंतु कलियुगे
वृषभमांसस्थाने छागमांसं
प्रयुज्यते । गोमांसस्य सर्वत्र निषिद्धत्वात् ।

Many times I tried to convince the people here we have to substitute
Bull meat by Goat meat today because  Beef is prohibited  but they
were adamantly refusing to listen. Now you have posted from
Sureshwara's Vartika it will be easy for them to accept the same
coming from him. Thank you. But for Brahmins in South India even Goat
meat outside Yajnas is prohibited. They will do substitution of Goat
meat also and take vegetarian meal only. North Indians may still eat

> In BUBV 6.4.79-80  he then clarifies that the meat should be
> bought, as killing is prohibited for the yajamana, and he should not kill the
> animal himself. He clarifies the use of atha in 6.4.19 has the sense of an
> option amongst meats, according to one’s choice. He then explains the sthālīpāka
> etc as well as a detailed description of lovemaking (not bad for a sannyasi).
> If you have access, I would suggest you read all of BUBV 6.4 to give the full
> context

> Regards
> Subhanu



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