[Advaita-l] Specific response to BU 6.4.19 question

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May be I also missed a few mails in this thread. Anyway, was not Suresvara a married man turned sanyashi to have love-making experience in his past? Would he not have the knowledge of it in his memory and yet not the yearning for it, as he was a sanyashi? What do you think of that?


Sunil KB

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Sri Vidyasankar wrote:

The rest of this response is a brief comment to Sri Subhanu. Is the explanation of
atha in 6.4.19 only about the two options for meat in 6.4.18? It would seem more
apt if "atha" were to apply generally to all five choices outlined in 6.4.14 to 6.4.18.
The sense would be that whether the couple has had odanam along with milk or
curd or water or sesame or meat, as per a particular desire for the kind of child,
the sthAlIpAka is to be done.

Oops! My sincere apologies for re-opening a closed thread. I did not read all the postings so I missed this. This will only be a specific response to the above and then I promise, no more!

Yes I believe you are correct regarding the above as it relates to the particular desire for the kind of child. This can be seen from the full context of the Vartika in BUBV 6.4. Also, I fully endorse your understanding of the verses I had quoted.

With regards to Suresvara's descriptions of lovemaking I was just making the light hearted comment to disavow any false notions some may have that Suresvara as a Sannyasi was not qualified to discuss such matters. His role as vartikakara itself gives him that right, but in addition Suresvara shows complete mastery of all matters pertaining to both this world and the next in his writings

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