[Advaita-l] The Advaita Tradition of Shankara

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Wed Dec 14 23:49:56 CST 2011

praNAms Sri Subhanu prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Namaste, and as you may guess my answer will frustrate you, as it is posed 
from the standpoint of an ignorant observer regarding notions of mind, 
seeing , hearing etc that have no meaning for a jnani

>  Thanks for the clarification prabhuji.  Infact, based on these lines 
only we've discussed jnAni's BMI in this list & advaitin list. Your above 
observation is my perspective too prabhuji, hence it is a welcome answer 
to me :-)) However, fact remains that, those who oppose to this view have 
their own view points/references to argue it otherwise. 

 even though we may describe him/her as seeing, talking, thinking  "as it 
were" etc. You will remember Karika III.32 amanastAm tadA yAti, how the 
mind becomes no-mind for a jnani. 

>  The opposing view to this is, due to prArabdha, a jnAni does continue 
to be in his shareera, he would continue to 'operate' through his 
indriya-s and resultant vAjmanaHkAya 'pravrutti'definitely happens.  They 
say that Shankara says this clearly in br.bh. 1.4.7 (samyajnAna prAptAvapi 
avashyaMbhAvinI pravruttivAjmanaH kAyAnAM)and argue further that there is 
no proof to say that this is only from ajnAni's point of view.  Prabhuji, 
what is sureshwara's view in vArtika on this bhAshya vAkya?? 

Take care of your own Atma-vichara, as enquiring into the state of a jnani 
will not aid your own liberation.

>  I do agree prabhuji. But I think these queries and discussions based on 
shruti & AchArya vAkya would help us to do more mananaM on shAstra vAkya. 
If you think I dont have any 'arhata/yOgyata' to pose these questions, 
then I would refrain myself from asking any doubts on this prabhuji.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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