[Advaita-l] The Advaita Tradition of Shankara

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Thu Dec 15 03:34:21 CST 2011

Sri Subramanian wrote:
I think by saying // Therefore the true nature of ignorance is that it is a
false notion, not an entity of any
kind // you are implying that the orthodox or sampradaya-Acharyas are
admitting a* real entity* (called 'ignorance').  That such is even the
misunderstanding of Sri SSS is proved by his own statement:

Namaste, and thank you for your comments. Please note if you read my statements carefully you will know I am not implying that at all. Also Sri SSS' position is not as you mention, particularly if you read his detailed comments on Vivarana prasthnanam in VPP  and Panchapadika. He understood very well the figurative nature of the positions taken. I do repeat what I said that I have met a number of followers who follow the orthodox tradition that have themselves not grasped the upachaara nature of the orthodox teachings for the purpose of instruction as you and some other list members have. As such I think I have mentioned all that is relevant for the discussion from my side that can be sensibly covered in an email exchange. I know we missed getting together in Bangalore on my last visit but I think it would be best to discuss "old school" style face to face over a nice dosa and coffee when I am in Bangalore next
PS I responded privately to Sunil's question and he was satisfied with my response-I will stick to the request and not re-post on the BU 6.4.19 issue! 		 	   		  

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