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There are Marathi Deshastha Brahmins, Telugu Smartha Brahmins, and Kashmiri Brahmins that settled in TN in the past and merged with Vadama Iyer Smartha Bramins.

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>> Even I have heard of the above story behind Bhaskararaya taking a Madhva
>> bride.  With regard  to Appayya Dikshita it is said that either his mother
>> or grandmother was a VishishTAdvaitin and that was one reason why he
>> developed a special devotion for VishNu/Vaishnava godhood.  I have not
>> heard about his taking a Madhva bride.  The book 'Sri Appayya Dikshita'
>> authored by Dr. N.Ramesan, IAS, records the former incident but does not
>> say anything about Dikshita's marriage to a madhva bride.
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> In this site:
> http://avdevantimes.blogspot.com/2011/06/mahan-sri-appayya-dikshitar.html i
> found a reference though not very clear about the lineage:
> *Mahan Sri Appayya Dikshitar
> *
> *Birth & Education
> *
> The forefathers of Appaya Dikshitar were great Shiva bhaktas and great
> scholars well versed in all the shastras and smrithis. Appaya Dikshitar’s
> great grandfather was Sri Achan Dikshitar who was a great scholar
> patronized by Sri Krishnadeva Raya, the famous King of Vijayanagar Empire.
> In order to save a young Vaishnavite girl named Thotamba from being married
> to an old man he had to marry her as his second wife. She bore him a son
> named Rengarajadhwari. He was a symbol of Unity of a Vaishnavite and
> Saivite family. Sri Rengarajadhwari had no issues for a long time. On the
> advice of elders and relatives he went to Chidambaram and led a life of
> penance and prayer for a period of six years. Pleased with his devotion,
> Lord Nataraja, the presiding deity of Chidambaram Temple blessed him with a
> son who was named Vinayakasubramanya Sarma but was affectionately called as
> “Appa” or “Appaya” which name struck to him later. Appaya was born in
> Adayapalam a village near Arani in the North Arcot district in the year
> 1554 A.D. He was born in the Krishna Paksha of Kanya month of Pramateecha
> Varsha under the “Uttara Proushthapada” constellation. He had a brother
> named Achan Dikshitar who was none other than the Grandfather of Palamadai
> Nilakanta Dikshitar, who was minister to the Madurai King Tirumalai
> Nayyakkar and a sister named Gnanambika born after him.
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