[Advaita-l] Query regarding the birthplace of Bhaskararaya

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I am a Sankethi Brahmin, Sankethis are descendants of Vadamas from Tirunelveli Dist who settled in Karnataka 500-1000 years ago. Sankethi has no formal lipi (although there are attempts to use Kannada lipi) and is a mixture of Sanskrit, Kannada, Tamil, and a few Hindi-Urdu words along with Malayalam. We also do namaskara to Narmada Nadi during sandhyAvandanam.

Ravi Chandrasekhara

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> FYI,
> There are Marathi Deshastha Brahmins, Telugu Smartha Brahmins, and
> Kashmiri Brahmins that settled in TN in the past and merged with Vadama
> Iyer Smartha Bramins.
> Ravi Chandrasekhara

Regarding the word 'vaDama' I agree that they have a 'northern' ('vaDakku'
in Tamil means 'north') origin.  These people, during sandhyAvandanam, do a
namaskara for the river Narmada which practice is not there in the
non-vaDama smarta Tamils.  In Rameswaram too there are some families who
migrated from the North especially Gujarat/Maharashtra regions and settled
doing paurohityam.

Interestingly, too, there is  sect called 'saurAShTra' who came from the
North and settled in the Madurai surroundings.  There are many Brahmins too
among them.  Many are into weaving trade.  The famous Tamil singer
T.M.Soundararajan is from this community.  I personally know of some other
people too of this sect.  They speak a kind of Tamil.


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