[Advaita-l] Brihad Up and Putrakameshti

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 16 10:28:31 CST 2011

> Namaste Sri Vidyasankara
> This is my last response on this kindly excuse me. I got one final
> reference from my friend to prove both you and Sri Saxena are totally
> wrongly interpreting Adi Sankara and Sureshwara also.
... ... ... 
> This is the correct interpretation for 6-4-18 and Adi Sankara Bhashya
> and Vartika also. It is unfortunate both of you miss the point by
> twisting the texts. Others like Sri Bhaskar and Sri Sarma are blindly
> following your side.

You are excused because you have finally provided some useful information,
instead of merely repeating what you have said before.
The citation from Dvivedaganga's commentary on the Satapatha brAhmaNa
is the kind of information you should have provided BEFORE making general
statements, not AFTER more than a month of going round in circles. Kindly
thank your friend for this citation and please, also ask him/her what sAyaNa
and harisvAmin say on this point, if they say anything at all. If you had taken
the trouble, several weeks ago, to check these texts, and cited Dvivedaganga
in support of a substitution of goat/deer for bull, that would have been the
end of the matter right there.

Anyway, what Dvivedaganga says is an independent explanation of the text.
It is not a sub-commentary on the bhAshya and the vArttika by SankarAcArya
and sureSvarAcArya. I have throughout only tried to highlight what the texts
say directly and pointed to the need to interpret in a rigorous manner. It is
unfortunate that you think I am twisting the text in support of eating beef. At
the very least, even if you are convinced that I have some sort of agenda for
beef-promotion, so be it, but do not cast aspersions on Sri Saxena, whose
only "fault" was that he took the trouble to make textual citations in response
to a query from Rajaram. Unlike you, his only contribution to this topic was to
make solid references to numerous texts that are relevant. 
So, kindly stop accusing me and others of either mistakenly misunderstanding
or deliberately twisting the texts. And please stop accusing people like Sri
Bhaskar and Sri Sarma of blindness. They have their own eyes and intellects
to see and understand. 
Thank you,

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