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> In Siddhantabindu verses 78 and 79, Madhusudana Saraswati justifies
>  *The statements about Suka and others having attained liberation is only
> eulogy*or 'Arthavada'"
> My questions:
> 1. Where does Madhusudana say in Siddhantabindu that eka jiva vada is the
> pre-eminent vedantic view? My comprehension is that that he only says that
> different views are equally valid about the world of duality.

While I would like to wait for a further verification on the above,
regarding the following :

> 2. Is there any reference in the works of the acharyas to indicate that
> statements about liberation is only eulogy?

one can readily quote the srImadbhAgavatam  and the Gaudapada kArikA:

सुप्तिप्रबोधयोः सन्धौ  आत्मनो गतिमात्मदृक् ।
पश्यन् *बन्धं च मोक्षं च मायामात्रं न वस्तुतः* ॥ 7.3.15

The verse resembles the GaudapAda kArikA 2.32:

"Na nirodho na ca utpattih,na baddho na ca sadhakah!
na mumukshur na vai muktah ityesha paramarthatha!!.

In the absolute sense,there is there is no death, no birth (no dissolution,
no creation) ,none in bondage,no seeker,none aspiring for liberation,none
liberated,--this is the highest truth.

supti <http://vedabase.net/s/supti>-prabodhayoḥ<http://vedabase.net/p/prabodhayoh>

ātmano gatim <http://vedabase.net/g/gatim> ātma <http://vedabase.net/a/atma>
-dṛk <http://vedabase.net/d/drk>

paśyan <http://vedabase.net/p/pasyan> bandhaḿ<http://vedabase.net/b/bandham>
 ca <http://vedabase.net/c/ca> mokṣaḿ <http://vedabase.net/m/moksam>

māyā <http://vedabase.net/m/maya>-mātraḿ
<http://vedabase.net/m/matram> na<http://vedabase.net/n/na>

7.13.5 <http://vedabase.net/v/vastutah>
During unconsciousness and consciousness, and between the two, he should
try to understand the self and be fully situated in the self. In this way,
he should realize that the *conditional and liberated stages of life are
only illusory and not actually factual.* With such a higher understanding,
he should see only the Absolute Truth pervading everything.

The above is just a sample of such statements abounding in Vedanta shastra.
 It is implied from the above that since bondage and liberation are
themselves not absolutely real, everything falling within that like
creation, sadhana, sadhaka, siddhi (liberation), of course, Ishwra, etc.
are only eulogy.


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