[Advaita-l] Incorrect comparisons?

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Tue Dec 20 01:12:35 CST 2011

The mail went off to the other thread. Here again.
I wonder if it is because the ocean (abhdhi) is fixed in one place but the waves come and go
It is not the waves that are chanchala.  
srIsUkta-rahasyArtha chandrika says that the vikArAs of ApaH are prithivi & anna.  And the vikAra of anna is kAma / sankalpa.  Since, manas (mind) is sankalpa-vikalpAtmaka, She is said to be of chanchala swabhAva. 
Interestingsly, manmatha / kAmadEva is also said to be the son of Vishnu & Lakshmi.  His other names are chittaja, manOja etc which implies born from antaHkaraNa.


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