[Advaita-l] Incorrect comparisons?

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> > Rajaram: Could you please elaborate how manas being sankalpa-vikalpAtmaka
> > makes Lakshmi to be of chanchala swabhava?

In the Bh.Gita 6th chapter Arjuna says: chanchalam hi manaH kRShNa ....and
Bhagavan agrees.

Also one must note that chanchalatvam is not the only svabhAva of Lakshmi
or the manas.  All these have their saattvic aspects too.  Whichever is
predominantly manifest at any point of time/consideration that becomes
highlighted.  By abhyAsa and vairagya the chanchala mind can be subdued.
 Sri Ramakrishna said: Maya is of two types: vidya maya and avidya maya.
 The former liberates a person while the latter binds.  These two alone are
otherwise said to be daivi sampat and aasuri sampat. In the 11th chapter BG
one can see the terrible facet as well as the soumya facet of Bhagavan.


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