[Advaita-l] No one is liberated yet?

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These problems are not unique to ekajIvavAda. They apply to
sR^iShTi-dR^iShTi-vAda too. Just replace word 'dream' with 'mithyA', and
they are applicable to whole advaita-matam.
See advaita-works which are dedicated to prove mithyAtvam of world, as
advaita-siddhi for solution.
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> I see some problems with extreme application of the dream analogy as it is
> self-destructive and hope that the learned members, (as I imagine you to be
> in my dream :)), will address that.
> 1. If everything is a dream and hence ultimately false, then the conception
> that every thing is a dream is also a dream and hence false. Therefore,
> everything is not a dream and hence real.
> 2. As all this is only a mental construct (dream like), if a real object
> can be seen as a pillar, man or demon (rf. Madhusudana Saraswati's
> Siddhantabindu verse 78) and in the same way, we can have different
> descriptions of the world of dualtiy within the advaita tradition, then the
> non-advaitic conclusions such as Dwaita, Vishistadvaita, BhedAbhedA etc.,
> will also be valid because they are part of the same dream.
> 3. As they are part of the dream, if the sastras can repeat human delusions
> (rf. rf. Madhusudana Saraswati's Siddhantabindu verse 79), then they will
> also lose their validity as a means of knowledge in teaching that all this
> is Brahman. You cannot say that one statement of the sastra is true and
> reject another as untrue just as you cannot say that the eye is working
> fine when you see lotus but not so when you see a tiger next to it.
> 4. If a tiger chases you, it scares even in a dream. If a lotus blooms, it
> pleases. You do not call a tiger a lotus even in a dream unless you are
> delusional. If one says that the underlying rules are also part of the
> dream, then it should be equally valid argument to say the rules are not
> but you are imagining that they are part of the dream. You may say that the
> conception that these rules are not part of the dream is also part of the
> dream. And I will say that the rule that leads to such a conception is not
> part of the dream - thus leading to an infinite regress.
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