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Sony Krishna Swamy sony.soman.pillai at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 13:21:21 CST 2011

 My Pranaam to all in Advaita-list,

Here's inviting you to Advaita Space - http://advaita-space.org an online
portal to know, discuss, share, learn about Advaita / NonDuality.

*About Advaita Space*
Advaita Space started at the right time, when a lot of people are thinking
about existential questions and New Age
Scientists <http://scienceandnonduality.com/> the world over are arriving
at conclusions similar to those the Rsis foresaw in Ancient Indian
subcontinent. This is a space <http://advaita-space.org/> for you to ask
these questions and find answers.

*What's in here?*

We have about 30 articles <http://advaita-space.org/articles> written or
translated by our members, a happening discussion
books <http://advaita-space.org/books-media>, and interesting
links<http://advaita-space.org/links>to other websites where you can
learn more, and a monthly
keep you updated.

Please Register<http://advaita-space.org/index.php/component/comprofiler/registers>
share and participate @ Advaita Space.

Please let me know your comments about this website.

With Warm Regards,

Sony Krishna Swamy

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