[Advaita-l] Analysis of attributes and their locus

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 28 18:47:21 CST 2011

> You will tell Mr. Shourie his son Aditya with cerebral palsy and his
> wife with Parkinson's disease is attribute of mind? There is no
> suffering for him or son or wife? How can he believe it? For Shourie
> his wife and son the suffering is very real. It is here and now.
> Advaita is not for suffering people. AFAIK advaita is for strong

Sri Murthy, you are literally missing the point that Sri Sadananda was
trying to make. The point is about a God who is a creator of the universe
and has certain defined attributes. What Sri Sadananda was saying
was meant (a) to drive home the point that such a definition is invalid
in the first place and (b) to stimulate a thought process that takes a
fresh look at one's personal definitions of God, If you cannot appreciate
the fact that, then you are not ready for advaita yourself!
> people only not for the weak because the Upanishad has said Nayam Atma
> Balaheenena Labhya. The Atma cannot be won by the weak person with no
> strength. We have to be physically and mentally strong to practice
> Advaita. For Advaita practice Yoga and physical endurance is very
> essential. Physically and mentally weak people are not eligible. 
And pray, how are suffering people to overcome their mental and/or
physical balahIna-tva without a little bit of an intellectual introspection
into the misconceptions that cause their suffering in the first place? 
You might as well claim that advaita is not meant for those who cling
to  avidyA. On the contrary, all of it is only meant for those who cling
to avidyA. Yes, advaita may be bitter medicine, but that only means that
you may have to sugar-coat it. If you cannot claim that its bitterness
disqualifies advaita from being medicine in the first place, then you
have not understood the first thing about advaita!

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