[Advaita-l] Analysis of attributes and their locus

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>> You will tell Mr. Shourie his son Aditya with cerebral palsy and his
>> wife with Parkinson's disease is attribute of mind? There is no
>> suffering for him or son or wife? How can he believe it? For Shourie
>> his wife and son the suffering is very real. It is here and now.
>> Advaita is not for suffering people. AFAIK advaita is for strong

A qualification for Advaita is Mumukshutva. I am making a point the
terribly suffering people will not have the Mumukshutva and the
materialistically happy person will not have Mumukshutva also. The
suffering person wants relief from his pain only but not from Samsara.
He cannot think of liberation from Samsara because the pain is great.
The materialistically happy person is proud and thinking I am happy
and enjoying good life with house, car, wife and kids. He does not
have Mumukshutva. He wants to prolong his present happy condition.


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