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>> A qualification for Advaita is Mumukshutva. I am making a point the
>> terribly suffering people will not have the Mumukshutva and the
>> materialistically happy person will not have Mumukshutva also. The
>> suffering person wants relief from his pain only but not from Samsara.
>> He cannot think of liberation from Samsara because the pain is great.
> Yes and no. A materialistically happy person typically will find it hard to let
> go of attachment and get mumukshutva. However, a suffering person gets
> ample opportunity to realize that at the root of physical/mental/emotional
> pain lies the deeper problem of saMsAra. Because the AtmA IS Ananda,
> the tension/contradiction between one's permanent intrinsic nature and
> one's temporary experience of duHkha will eventually pull one away from
> the pain of suffering. In most cases, that is a key stepping stone towards
> mumukshutva.
If the person is suffering I understand he can get temporary Vairagya
like Arjuna on the battlefield. But Krishna scolded him for this
useless Vairagya. The sufferer can have a feeling I want to give up
everything in life because it is not pleasing. But this is temporary
Vairagya, it will not help much. He can also have a feeling I am
suffering but everybody is enjoying life. Why should I not enjoy also?
Like this he may get Bubhukshutva desire to enjoy instead of
Mumukshutva desire for liberation. A cancer patient is told he has six
months of life. He may take decision to enjoy to maximum extent before
dying. He may get very strong Bubhukshutva but not Mumukshutva.

I think a middle class person having some comforts in life but not too
much and some suffering but not too much is the best person for
getting Mumukshutva. The others may also get it but it will be
difficult for them. It is easy for middle class person but rich class
person will be distracted by more riches and big enjoyments. He will
think I have a BMW but he has a BMW and a Benz car. How to get a Benz?
More and more Bubhukshutva.  The poor class man will  get strong
desire to enjoy at even a small opportunity for enjoyment. If
somewhere free food is given he will run for it. The middle class man
will not be distracted by BMW and Benz because he cannot buy them even
in dreams  and he is not interested in free food also.

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