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  Dear Dr. Brown and other list members,

A few days ago, Dr. Mackenzie Brown posted the question below. Taking the
initiative, I wrote to Ramana's ashram and received the reply below.
-Michael C.

Dear friend,

      We have received your email of January 4, 2011.

      As you correctly guessed, questions like evolution, Darwin's theory
etc. are not germane to Self-enquiry taught by Bhagavan Ramana and being
practised by us in the ashram. He has not said anything directly or
indirectly on evolution.

      However, we may add that from the biological point of view, Darwin's
theory, which is widely accepted by natural scientists all over the world,
may be valid, whereas our focus is on Consciousness which is eternal,
immutable, non-dual, ever new.

      With best wishes,

Yours in Bhagavan,


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