[Advaita-l] Adhyaropa-Apavada Nyaya.

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On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 3:57 PM, V Subrahmanian <v.subrahmanian at gmail.com> wrote:
> Your other question:
> //If Adhyaropa - Apavada Nyaya works why you do not get Moksha in sleep?
> In Sushupti sleep there is Apavada of Adhyaropa which is Dvaita
> Prapancha.  There is no duality in sleep.  Neha Nanasti Kinchana.  It
> is not Moksha.  You wake up and suffer in the Dvaita Prapancha. This
> happens every day. Why?//
> is answered thus:
> In suShupti there is the cessation of only the vyakta-dvaita.  The
> avyakta-dvaita in the form of mUlAvidyA  is not annihilated; it
> is still present.  Shankara calls it 'ज्ञानदाह्यवीजम्’ in the MandUkya
> kArikA bhashya 1.2. (see p.190 of Sw. Gambhirananda's translation).
> So, only when that beeja is destroyed, by conscious effort-born
> realization, will there be no samsara for the jnani when he wakes
> up from  sleep every day.  The 'apavAda' should result by the
> samyag-jnAnam. Shankara, in that bhashya  discusses
> the consequences of not admitting this beeja in deep sleep.

If Beeja is not destroyed in sleep is it right to say Adhyaropa
Apavada will destroy Projection but Concealment of Brahman is not
destroyed.  There was one mail  on Vikshepa and Avarana Saktis.
Adhyaropa Apavada is a negative method.  By using it how can a
Positive thing like Brahman come out? Neti Neti will negatively remove
Projections. But will it remove Concealment?  The question - is
Adhyaropa Apavada enough for Brahma Jnana? Or some other method also
is required?



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