[Advaita-l] Adhyaropa-Apavada Nyaya.

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Thank you.

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> The above provides enough explanation on the question as to why the method
> of 'neti neti' is the only method available to the Shruti.  Since the
> problem of samsara is SOLELY due to superimposing un-Brahman 'dharma-s', if
> I can use such an expression, ('ataddharma' is an allowed expression), the
> way out of samsara is to *remove *those superimposed dharma-s and then
> Brahman will be realized 'as It IS'.   If this 'removal' is called
> 'negative' method, one can't really help it.  As the Acharya has pointed
> out, it is 'nivartanam' of the 'ataddharma' from Brahman that is to be done
> and which is what the Shruti does through the method of adhyAropa/apavAda.
> As was stated in the original post, with a view to 'effectively remove' this
> ignorantly superimposed dharma-s, the shruti first superimposes certain
> dharma-s on Brahman, shAstrakRta adhyAropa, and later methodically 'removes'
> them, apavAda.  By going through this exercise, the shAstra succeeds in
> removing the avidyA-kRta adhyAropa.  They give the example of the 'kaTaka
> beeja ' powder that is put into contaminated water and in the process the
> water is cleansed of the contamination as well as the cleaning agent, the
> powder.

If Neti Neti is only method available in Sruti what is the use of
positive Mahavakyas like Tattwamasi, Aham Brahmasmi,  Ayam Atma
Brahma. Is it right to say Neti Neti removes the Adhyaropa and
Tattwamasi points to remainder after the Dvaita Prapancha is removed?
Otherwise we may think Neti Neti results in only Sunya like the



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