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> If Neti Neti is only method available in Sruti what is the use of
> positive Mahavakyas like Tattwamasi, Aham Brahmasmi,  Ayam Atma
> Brahma.


Neti neti, is essentially anvaya vyatireka method to differentiate the subject I from object this. This constitute enquiry of tvam padartham only. Who am I - inquiry also leads up to this point only. But this leaves us with dvaita only since I am- is one and this is - that I negated as I am not - is the second. Thus the world and therefore Iswara are left as separate from I am, by the neti statement. One can arrive up to this point by pure logic also. Scripture is not necessary for arriving that I am separate from all this that I can objectify.

The mahaavaakya completes the teaching, if we can say so. The tat or that I have rejected initially in the neti neti is also I am - is the very essence of tat tvam asi.  aham brahmaasmi comes with inclusion of even iti -iti that I negated in the neti neti. The Essence of all mahaavaakyas is statements of jiiva - brahma aikyam - Hence Shankara says - brahmaatmaikatva bodhena mokshaH siddhyati, na anyathaa - in VivekachUDAmaNi. For this scriptures alone are pramaaNa. 

Hari Om!

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