[Advaita-l] Which is the correct usage? and acceptable way to write?

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>  On the other hand, how many women spell their
> names as Vidyaa or Divyaa or Devii or Priyaa? The length of the ending
> vowel is
> a given, even when the name is spelt as Vidya or Divya or Devi or Priya,
> right?
> By that logic, Ameya should be good enough. Personal taste

It is true that names and spellings and pronunciations have often puzzled
people using them.  In my office there was the name 'AruNa' shared by a male
and a female, with the same spelling.  I have a relative, from a Madhva
family, whose name is AruNa, a woman.  It is common to see names 'SuguNa,
Vimala, Shobha, etc.' all of females written even in Kannada without the
deergha at the end.  However, in Tamil these are written with the
elongation.  The famous Jayalalitha added an 'a' at the end in later years
upon numerological or 'name-ological' advice.


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