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>> Reference Book - Shankara and Indian Philosophy page 88
> Is this the book by Natalia Isayeva?


> Not sure about Ujjain, but there is a strong association of dogs with
> Mallari/Malhari/Mailari/Mallanna and Khandoba, forms of Siva-Rudra
> very popular in central India, Maharashtra, northern parts of Karnataka
> and Andhra. TThere is a Wikipedia entry on Khandoba.
> Dattatreya is also often depicted in the company of dogs. In any case,
> the quoted statement is one of those legendary activities attributed to
> Sankaracharya, which are not historically accurate.
> Throughout India, over the centuries, we see evidence of conversion of
> the ways of worship of folk deities and change from "left-handed" ways
> to acceptable methods of worship. A lot of these changes get attributed
> to Sankaracharya, quite unnecessarily and quite inaccurately.
>> Which temple in Ujjaini has dog headed Siva ? Why Adi Sankara stopped
>> worship of this God? How can Dog be God?
> In the namaka praSna, we have namaS SvabhyaS SvapatibhyaS ca vo
> namaH! Of course, we also have aSvebhyaH, mRgayubhyaH etc, and it
> does not mean that there were temples where Siva was worshipped in
> the form of a horse, jackal, dog etc. On the other hand, we could also
> ask, how can elephant or lion or monkey be God, and question the
> worship of Ganesa, Narasimha and Hanuman too ...

If Dog worship has Sruti Pramana why say it is left handed?  People
can worship in God in many forms. He will be pleased. The Geeta Sloka
is -

Yo Yo Yam Yam Tanum Bhaktaha Sraddhayarchitumicchati
Tasya Tasyachalam Sraddham Tameva Vidadhamyaham

People  build temple for Dog




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