[Advaita-l] Help required in locating the source of a verse

V Subrahmanian v.subrahmanian at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 11:17:46 CST 2011


The following verse, known to be a subhAShita, is also said to be from
Manu.  I would like to know the source of this verse as ascribed to Manu:


गतेऽपि वयसि ग्राह्या विद्या सर्वात्मना बुधैः ।
यद्यपि स्यान्न फलदा सुलभा साऽन्यजन्मनि  ||
gate'pi vayasi grAhyA vidyA sarvAtmanA budhaiH
yadyapi syAnna phaladA sulabhA sA anyajanmani


Though one has attained old age, there should be the endeavor to acquire
knowledge by all means.  Even though it might not bear fruit (in this
birth), yet the pursuit of it will become easy in a different birth.

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